dijous, de març 18, 2010

Postdoctoral position application

No he pogut atendre aquest blog fa unes quantes setmanes (mesos potser?) perquè he estat (i estic!) amb això (espero que per poc temps més):

BCN, March 18th, 2010

Dear Dr. Yesveri Welfandango,

My name is Yeral Bròquil. I am a biochemist with a PhD in immunology defended a few months ago. It has been accomplished under the supervision of Dr. Picachu (SAID Research Institute -Aixarranca’t Foundation-) in Barcelona, Spain. At the moment, I am still working at the SAID Research Institute finishing some posts for my blog while I am in the search for a postdoctoral position in academic research, preferentially in the US.

I am very interested in the topics of research of your laboratory, (…), thus, I would be very interested in applying for a post-doctoral position in your laboratory if there would be any opportunity in the near future to do so.

During my PhD period I have specifically been working on mechanisms of entry/efflux of anti-HIV drugs in T-lymphocytes studying different types of membrane-bound transporters (specially with SLC28, SLC29, SLC22 gene families and, more recently, ABCA1 and ABCB1) and different antiretroviral drug families (nucleoside analogue drugs and HIV integrase inhibitors). In the lab I have gained extensive expertise in various technologies and methodologies including radiolabelled binding/entry-efflux assays, biochemistry/molecular biology techniques (absolute quantitative real-time PCR, WB, immunocyto/histochemistry, ELISA, sequencing, PCR cloning), flow cytometry as well as in vitro HIV infection of lymphoblastoid T-cell lines and primary cells of the immune system. You can find more details about all my scientific past and present in the attached CV.

Of note, my research during the PhD period has been a result of straight collaboration(s) with two expert groups in membrane transporters: Dr. Pastor-Decabra’s group at University of Tiananmen and Prof. Dr. Germán Persell lab at University of Rurur.

I would be very glad to send you any further information you might need (p.e. reference letters, my present unpublished bulk of data -you could browse and find the published work as well-, my thesis dissertation …). It could be great if I could come and meet you and your group to discuss everything you consider. I plan to apply to multiple postdoctoral fellowships from different agencies and countries in order to alleviate the lab as much as I can economically speaking.

Finally, in case you need additional references, do not hesitate to contact the following:

Mayte Tazas, PhD – Professor at University of Peliagudo’s, Triana, Spain


Bruno Dostrescuatro, MD, PhD – Associate Professor at La Modelo, Barcelona, Spain


Snoopy, PhD – Associate Cartoon at Peanuts, S.L.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Yeral Bròquil, PhD

SAID Research Institute (Aixarranca’t Foundation)
Hospital Universitari Hellman’s Tries & Puyol

Badalouna, BCN (És Pain)